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Oi! – The Truth by Garry Bushell

We stand for punk as bootboy music. Oi! is working class, and if you’re not working class you’ll get a kick in the bollocks.– Stinky Turner, 1980.


The Hippies By Hunter S. Thompson Перевод Н. Сосновского

The Hippies

By Hunter S. Thompson

Перевод Н. Сосновского


Rockers (eng)

An American perspective
written in the Sixties
by John P. Covington.

The Seeds of Social Destruction(eng)

Charles Radcliffe

Heatwave #1 (July 1966)

CASUALS: THE LOST TRIBE OF BRITAIN They dressed cool and fought(eng)

Sunday Herald, The ,  May 8, 2005   by BARRY DIDCOCK

“Rudie’s In Court Now”(eng)

“Rudie’s In Court Now”: The Rudeboy and the Role of Popular
Vernaculars in the Politicization of Jamaican Music
James Mathien
University of Chicago

Garry Bushell. Mod Squad(eng)

This is a reprint of my article on New Mod which was first published in Sounds in August 1979….

Garry Bushell, October 20th 1979


Bosozoku "speed tribes"(eng)

Taken from Japan Today:

The sun sets on the heyday of bosozoku bikers

The Teddy Boy as Scapegoat

Robert J. CROSS

Key words: youth subculture, postwar Britain, performance, discourse analysis
Abstract: Since the mid-1950s Britain has witnessed the emergence of
various youth subcultures.

«Хозяин улиц городских»

Хулиганство в России В 1920-е годы

Станислав Панин источник Вестник Евразии

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