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As Mercenárias - Cadê As Armas? (1986, RM 1995)

12 августа 2009, 13:45
Автор: buster

As Mercenarias are an all-female punk/funk post-punk group from Sao Paulo, Brasil. They began their career over 25 years ago and this is their first ever retrospective and first ever release outside of Brasil. With influences as diverse as The Dead Kennedys, The Slits, Public Image Limited, The Pop Group, Nina Hagen and many more, As Mercenarias manage to combine the energy, rhythm and sensibilities of American and British Post-Punk along with a uniquely Brazilian aesthetic. Today their music sits next to the punk/dance attitude of strong female artists such as Peaches, Mia, Chicks on Speed, Le Tigre and ESG. As Mercenarias are made up of Sandra Coutinho on bass, Ana Maria Machado on guitar, Lou on drums and Rosalia Munhoz on lead vocals. As Mercenarias were first featured on Soul Jazz Records earlier "The Sexual Life of The Savages" - which told the story of underground post-punk in Sao Paulo, and how As Mercenarias led a musical movement in Brazil that included many other bands such as Gang 90 and The Absurdettes, Smack, Fellini, Patife Band, Nau and Akira S. These groups all took their influences from UK/USA groups such as Joy Division, Gang Of Four, New Order, A Certain Ratio, Liquid Liquid and mixed it all up into a new Brazilian sound that was a million miles away from the traditional sounds of Brasil – Samba, Bossa Nova and MPB (Musica Popular Brasil). As Mercenarias are alive and well in Sao Paulo, Brasil. The group will be performing in the UK for the first time ever at the end of the year. "From post-punk to kick arse femme-punk with a savage beauty of their own" DJ "The all female As Mercenarias are a mixture of New York punk-funkers ESG and British icons The Slits. A must!" TIME OUT


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